The David Lasseter/Murfreesboro Central High School Class of 1969 Scholarship tries to help class members and their families to meet their educational goals. A steering committee reviews applications for the scholarship and awards the scholarship. Members of the committee include David Lasseter, Helen Johnson Alford, Tommy Campbell, Jennifer Jordan-Henley, and Judy Anderson Whitehill. Scholarships are for Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, and the MTSU Foundation coordinates the scholarship program. All donations to the scholarship fund are tax-deductible. The scholarship program not only allows the class to appreciate the legacy of the past but also to help build for the future.

David Lasseter/MCHS Class of 1969 Scholarship Recipients


Brandon Robinson,
son of Steve Robinson


Julie Bellamy,
daughter of Jim Bellamy


Alicia Dawn May,
grandniece of Jennifer Jordan-Henley

(Top left, Donna Robinson, Brandon Robinson and Tommy Campbell.)
(Top right, Jim Bellamy, Julie Bellamy and Janice Haynes Bellamy)
(Left, Campbell and Alicia Dawn May)
(Right, Karen Stankwytch Brown, Sally Brown Millsap and David Lasseter)


Sally Brown Millsap,
daughter of Andy and Karen Stankwytch Brown


(Emily Shacklett (second from left) receives a scholarship check from David Lasster. With her are her parents, Rita and Bill Shacklett.) (Below, Lasseter, Whitney Heard and Cathy Dick Heard)

Emily Shacklett,
daughter of Bill Shacklett


Whitney Heard,
daughter of Cathy Dick Heard


Whitney Heard Fitzgerald (second from left) receives a David Lasseter/MCHS Class of 1969 Scholarship from Lasseter while Joey Hendrickson
(second from right) receives a $600 grant from Judy Anderson Whitehill, also a member of the scholarship committee. Watching the presentation
(left) is Cathy Dick Heard, Fitzgerald's mother. [Photo courtesy of Nick Perlick, MTSU Foundation]

Whitney Heard Fitzgerald,
daughter of Cathy Dick Heard;
Joey Hendrickson,
grandnephew of Helen Johnson Alford


Carli Summar receives a David Lasseter/MCHS Class of 1969 Scholarship from Lasseter. [Photo courtesy of Gina Stanley, MTSU Foundation]

Carli Summar,
daughter of Maron Summar


Katherine White, daughter of Walter, right, and Carol White, receives the David Lasseter/MCHS Class of 1969 Scholarship from Lasseter. [Photo courtesy of Gina Stanley, MTSU Foundation]

Katherine White,
daughter of Walter White


Kenneth Freeman,
son of Terry Freeman

2015 and 2016

Madison Childers,
granddaughter of Bill Bell


Jack Lasseter,
nephew of David Lasseter


Jake Bolden,
grandnephew of Jennifer Jordan-Henley

Abbey Taylor,
grandniece of Sara Daw Day

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